About Us

Our Mission: BCA provides tailor-made leadership, management and organisational development services to meet the specific requirements of every client.

Our Vision: to be the most responsive and effective provider of bespoke learning for leadership, management and organisational development by always exceeding our client’s expectations.

We Value:

  • Working closely with our clients to clearly identify specific needs and to create learning and development solutions that exceed their expectations
  • Making a difference to individuals, teams and organisations that is tangible and can be measured.
  • Learning and development that is blended, action based, interactive and above all a memorable and enjoyable experience
  • Learning that will always be real, relevant and challenging for the individual, team and the organisation
  • Sustainable learning that can be self-directed to ensure that individuals and organisations derive benefits not only in the short term but also to ensure that change and development take place over time in the long term