Leadership Workshop: Developing a Reflective and Analytical Approach

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Title: Leadership Workshop: Developing a Reflective and Analytical Approach
Location: Central Liverpool half day workshop
Description: Overview: Practical Approaches to Reflective and Analytical Practice for Leaders and Managers

The concept of reflective practice is a skill increasingly useful to managers and leaders working in increasingly complex environments.

Reflection is an active process involving the critical analysis and evaluation of experiences, processes, events and feelings to gain insight for future decision making and direction on both strategic and operational levels.

The ability to reflect and critically analyse is a key management and leadership skill.

Workshop Overview:

Theme Outcomes Content
Reflective   Practice for Managers How to develop reflective practicePractical strategies for managers and leaders to use and develop as a reflective   practitionerLearning from experience and looking to the future. The nature of   reflective practice. Activist’s v Reflectors. Reasons for reflection. What to  reflect on. Tools for effective reflection.How to learn from experience. Self-reflection. Team reflection.Introducing reflective practice to teams, departments and the organisation.
Analytical   thinking How to develop analytical and theoretical thinking.Practical strategies for managers to engage  in analytical and reflective thinking. The characteristics of analytical and theoretical thinkers.Tools for analytical and theoretical thinking.   Following the cognitive model. Putting all of the learning cycle into use.   Paying attention to detail. Using objective evidence; monitoring, review and   evaluation.

 Workshop cost: £45
Start Time: 09:30
Date: 25-09-2015
End Time: 12:30

Email billc@bcaleadership.co.uk or call 0845 125 9010 to make a provisional booking or find out more about this event.