Tools For Measuring Board Effectiveness 1 day

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Title: Tools For Measuring Board Effectiveness 1 day
Location: Central Liverpool
Description: Description: This event is for Board members and senior staff of voluntary and charitable organisations.

Measuring the effectiveness of the board of trustees or management commitee of voluntary and charitable organisations is an important role of the Board itself. Boards need to be able understand how they are adding value to their organisation, how they are contributing, how effectively they are interacting and supporting leadership and governance.

This event will explore the range of tools available to board of trustees to measure their impact, to self evaluate and create plans to develop and improve. Models examines will include;
?Chait, Holland and Taylor
?Balanced Scorecard
?Strategic and Operational Planning
?Good Governance Models
?Quality Standards
?Self Assessment

Workshop cost: £75 per delegate. £120 for two from the same organisation.

Start Time: 09:30
Date: 02-10-2015
End Time: 16:00

Date: 2015-10-02