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Coaching: A very effective strategic intervention

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Many organisations now aim to create a culture of coaching in the workplace and have the intention of making coaching an intrinsic part of the talent programme. The CIPD annually reports that coaching is a growing element in learning and development strategies for most organisations.

The role of the line manager is changing as organisations look to develop strategic engagement and commitment from their staff in the face of increasingly competitive and rapidly changing environments. Organisations require colleagues to take the initiative and to take responsibility. Coaching will encourage these behaviours.

Coaching has produced significant results in motivating and performance managing employees. Coaching is increasingly used in learning and talent development, in performance management and to support organisational development and change.

The coaching intervention has many advantages over other learning and development interventions because a coaching culture enables organisations to:

  • improve strategic and operational performance

  • build relationships and communication

  • develop motivation and engagement

  • increase commitment and innovation

  • align individual and team goals with strategic aims of the organisation

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