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Leaders create the architecure

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The role of leadership is to create the environment in which the organisation can flourish, individuals and teams can achieve and strategic goals can be aligned. Creating this architecture is crucial the sustainability and success of any organisation. The key environments to create are;

1. Motivation

The creation of an environment in which people can find motivation include;

  • enabling people to act

  • distribute the act of leadership

  • aligning individual and team goals

  • encouraging strategic thinking

  • creating a climate of trust

2. Innovation, business development and change:

The creation of an environment in which people can generate innovative ideas and solutions by;

  • encouraging an entrepreneurial culture

  • creating a safe place for experimentation and managing risk

  • learning from experience and best practice

  • embracing and managing beneficial change

  • developing a learning organisation

3. Wider business engagement and communication:

The creation of an environment that encourages internal and external engagement, collaboration and communication by;

  • Fostering collaboration through shared goals

  • Involving customers and stakeholders in business development

  • Actively seeking diverse views and opinions

  • Continually examining and sharing best practice and bench-marking

  • Creating internal and external systems of communication and interaction

4. Strategic thinking and organisational values:

The creation of an environment to create shared vision, mission and values by;

  • Understanding of the external environment and the internal capacity for change

  • Creation of a clear view of the future and plans for the long term

  • Understanding the values of the organisation and their importance for organisational and individual behavior

  • Developing a strong sense of purpose aligned to business mission and values

  • Enabling everyone to participate in the strategic thinking and planning process

5. Developing a learning organisation: The creation of an environment which encourages individual, team and organisational learning and development by;

  • Creating action learning opportunities for all staff

  • Enabling intelligent and managed risk taking through creativity and innovation

  • Collecting data and experience and effective systems to monitor, review and evaluate

  • Sharing and disseminating intelligence

  • Developing and valuing critical reflective practice

6. High quality personal relationships, health and well-being:

The creation of an environment of respect and trust where people feel healthy and can develop well-being by;

  • Developing an infra-structure in which policies, procedures and systems are designed to promote, develop and support a healthy workforce

  • Creating opportunities for activities which develop health and well being

  • Embed coaching, mentoring and counselling interventions

  • Encourage the development of emotional intelligence

  • Creating a culture that supports communication, trust, interaction and collaboration

7. Developing personal qualities and behaviours :

The development of skills, styles and behaviours that produce an environment of resonant leadership outcomes by;

  • Having high standards of self and high expectations of others

  • Setting personal examples of commitment and behavior

  • Connecting individual goals with organisational goals

  • Modelling the way for organisational values

  • Being perceived as open, honest and genuine

8. New technology: Harnessing new technology to empower the workforce and customers by;

  • Using CRM and Big Data to understand your customers and clients

  • Develop business intelligence to make smarter operational and strategic decisions

  • Create mobile solutions to manage the business remotely

  • Develop connectivity to increase the ways the organisation can stay in touch, communicate and collaborate

  • Use web based technology and social media for interactive and real time dialogue

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