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Strategic and Integrated Performance Management (SIPM)

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Performance management is a strategy that relates to every activity of the organisation set in the context of its policies, culture, style and communication styles.

It is strategic because because its about vision, broad issues and long term goals.

it is integrated because its about linking all aspects of the business, people management, individuals and teams.

“Strategic performance management encompasses methodologies, frameworks and indicators that help organisations in the formulations of their strategy and enable employees to gain insights which allow them to challenge strategic assumptions, refine strategic thinking and inform strategic decision making and learning.” Bernard Marr: Advanced Performance Institute.

Performance check ins and performance conversations should encourage all colleagues to participate in strategic thinking, innovation and management and leadership feedback.

So, does your performance management system fulfill these requirements? You can ask yourself the following questions;

1. How does your SIPM collect information that will help your organisation make sound operational and strategic decisions?

2. How does your SIPM enable your development towards a learning organisation?

3. Does your SIPM contribute to critical reflective practice?

4. Do you enable your people to evaluate how effectively the SIPM removes the barriers to high performance?

5. How does your SIPM enable all your people, teams and whole organisation achieve their full potential?

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